Common Medical Negligence Questions.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when there is an act or omission conducted by a medical professional which falls below the medical standard of care. Sometimes it is known as “medical malpractice”

It happened when a health care worker, for example doctors, nurse, dentist or carer that has provided some kind of health treatment that has been of below reasonable standard and in turn has caused the patient/ client to be harmed as an effect of the service that has been provided.

What do I have to establish to pursue for a medical negligence case?

Generally, you will need to prove that the doctor has failed to exercise reasonable care in performing the medical task, resulting a suffer in patient.

if you believe that recent medical care or treatment you have received has been of a poor standard and as a result of this has caused you to be injured or harmed in some way you might be able to claim medical negligence compensation. Poor treatment can even mean being prescribed the wrong medication

How much compensation am I entitled?

The compensation given is at the court's discretion and comes down to how much a person has been injured due to the medical negligence and how their quality of life has been affected. One of the factors taken into consideration is the injured person loss on earnings, or the inability of the injured person to continue to provide the care to his family.

how do I start a claim for medical negligence?

You should seek for professional legal advice. in your consultation, please provide evidence of the medical malpractice .

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